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Ficus Tree (ficus benjamina "oriental")


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Ficus Tree (ficus benjamina Ficus Tree (ficus benjamina "oriental")

Fig species which is native to South and South-East Asia. This Evergreen tree is particularly good for bonsai training as they produce sturdy trunks, a nicely branching shape and shiny leaves. Best to trim in early summer as the leaves that subsequently grow will be smaller than the ones removed. Ours is trimmed in the traditional Banyan style. Great for indoors year-round, the brighter the location, the more compact the growth. 40 years old 26" tall Shipped in pot as shown. Suitable 10.5"x14.5" humidity tray is recommended. To purchase add $11.95 (50% off regular price with tree order). Shipped in pot as shown. Shipped via UPS ground - $59.95.

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