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Get all of the accessiories and fertilizers to care for your Bonsai Tree. Bonsais that are well cared for will last longer, and will look better. These trees will last for many years with proper care. Always use distilled or drinking water for your Bonsai Trees, NEVER use tap water.

Some Books and Videos on Bonsai Tree care.

Keep you Bonsai Tree healthier with fertilizers and proper care.

Superthrive Vitamins and Hormones Superthrive Vitamins and Hormones

Item # a1084 - $6.95 - Saves plants from waiting to make many life - process complexes, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. 50 vitamins and hormones in one for immediate use by plants, Add one drop to each gallon of fertilizer mixture and apply when watering. - 1/2 oz.

Liquid Miracle Gro Liquid Miracle Gro

Item # a1085 - - $5.95 - Liguid Miracle Gro fertilizer "with chelated iron". Excellent all purpose fertilizer. Add 3 drops per quart of water. - 8oz.

Humidity Tray Pebbles Humidity Tray Pebbles

Item # a1087 - $2.95 - River pebbles to be placed in the humidity tray in order to raise the pot out of the water. - 8oz.

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